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Stick Cricket

Stick Cricket is based on the most played online Cricket game in the world with over 2 million players a month. This easy to play, highly addictive instant classic is based on the most thrilling part of the game of cricket: giving the ball a good thump.

Turbo Sprit

This is a really good motorbike racing game where you have to get to check points before you run out of time. A great classic game like the old Lotus Turbo Challenge games on the Atari ST.

Cannon Ball

Fire at your enemy's castle using your cannon. This is a game a bit like Worms as you takes turns at firing and it takes into account of wind.

Air Dodge

The whole aim of this game is to fly your plane through the air avoiding various obstacles, mainly hot air balloons. And to see how much distance you can cover before you do actually bump into any of these.

4 x 4 Rally

Race four other drivers in your customisable 4x4 on ice, which can be a bit tricky when you hit obstacles and other cars with you sliding all over the place. An interesting twist on a standard track racing game.

Pharaohs Tomb

Collect as much gold as you can, avoid monsters and traps and drink healing potions to cure wounds. Get out of the Tomb as fast as you can in this fun adventure game.

2d Knock

A game in which you move round the world having boxing matches. It is ok, but not spectacular