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XP Tweak Expert

Important Note:
XP Tweak Expert is Working Only With Microsoft Windows XP Operating Systems.

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ShifaSoft© XP Tweak Expert© v 1.00 Size: 727 KB

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Why do you need Xp Tweak Xpert?

Online activities can be traced through browser cache, cookies and history. System and application software also store information that could compromise privacy. Cleaning emp and prefetch files recovers hard disk space and speeds up system performance. Is the ultimate tool that provides Information System specialists. Xp Tweak Xpert protects your privacy and improves PC performance clean your online and offline tracks for complete privacy. Wash away excess useless files that clog your PC's hard drive.

Minimum System Requirements:

Microsoft Windows XP Home Or Pro Operating System

266 Mhz processor

2 MB hard drive free space & 64 MB RAM

XP Cleaner